x86 sucks! 🤟

I'm a high school student from Berlin in Germany who does all kinds of weird stuff with systems programming languages. I've been programming since back in 2015 when Corona wasn't a thing and Trump wasn't the president yet. I started out with Java graphics programming, but quickly switched over to doing Discord Bots with Python, one of the most generic things anyone has ever done.

With C++, I went back to graphics. After making my first game in 2017, I went down the rabbit hole of low-level programming with a first Chip-8 emulator and some experimenting on my Arduino. By that time I had become more and more familiar with my operating system, macOS X, and realized how bloated it actually was.

So, naturally, young, naive me set out to write my own kernel. After at least two failed attempts I actually managed to put together a working bootable shell that could print some fancy stuff to the screen. It was only VGA, had no disk access and my paging implementation was broken, but I was somewhat proud of it.

As you might have guessed that project didn't live on much longer and got replaced by a newer, better structured one, which in turn got replaced itself. Learning from past experienced I now like to think I have a pretty good understanding of (OS) project management, yet the obscure ways of x86 and arm64 are still a mystery to me.

To date, I'm not too certain what will await in the future, but likely I will end up somewhere between, writing webservers and finally getting long mode to work. Currently, I'm working on my own compiler backend, which I'm planning on putting up on GitHub some time early next year. Either way, I'm thrilled to share the stuff I do on this blog to anyone who cares to read it.