Sup! I am NotNik., I'm 15 years old and from Berlin in Germany. I do low-level stuff, graphics and language design in C, C++ and sometimes Zig


I release most of my finished stuff on GitHub.


I'm maintaining the raylib-zig package. raylib is an easy-to-use game library. raylib-zig currently provides most of the available raylib API and all of the technically possibly exposable API. This is due to zig not providing full C ABI compatibility. Never the less, the binding works around this using a mix of seperate C source and clever use of pointers.


Preprocessor is an attempt at making C and C++ unrecognisable using only headers... It worked. Preprocessor provides a somewhat lua-like syntax which should be compatible with with all C and C++ standards. A simple demostration based on C++11 would look like this:
#include <cstdio>
#include <Preprocessor/Preprocessor.h>

func myFunc() does
    puts("Hello World");

func main() -> i32 does
    string myString = "Hello there";

    if strcmp(myString, "Hello there") is 0 and strcmp(myString, "Roger roger") isnt 0 then
        puts("General Kenobi");


    return 0;


Core-8 is a Chip-8-like interpreted programming language, virtual machine and semi-assembler. It accepts assembly language like syntax that are translated into byte code. The byte code is then executed by a virtual machine. The following code would print the string "Hey" twice. ; starts a comment
jmp START  ; Go to the START label
mov V1, 1  ; Set V1 to 1
put H      ; Print H
put e      ; Print e
put y      ; print y
put !      ; print !
put \n     ; print linebreak
se V1, 1   ; If V1 is 1 skip next line
jmp REPEAT ; Go to the REPEAT label                    


Quicksilver is an x86 kernel. Can't do much and it likely never will


So my website doesn't look that empty

Anything else?

Not really. I did some contributions to the currently unmaintained Discord API wrapper Clamor and its predecessor Shitcord. Indeed Shitcord is so old, the original repo on the account of vbe0201 doesn't even exit anymore, and the fork that has the most recent commits is on the account of InterXellar who is also a contributor to Clamor. However, no one is really interested in some old Python Discord API wrapper right? So, for other stuff I did, there is really only one PR that adds better naming consistensy to raylib's raymath. Additionally I wrote some major parts of raylib's wikipedia article as of May 2020.

iOS/macOS or Windows/Android?

Apple stuff, just because the rest doesn't work for me. I do use Windows for gaming and tbh it even manages to break that.